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Reincarnation Questions-Mark Anthony-February 12th, 2016

Question: Is there a study of past lives?

Answer: Yes, there are many. Dr. Ian Stevenson’s book “Where Biology and Reincarnation Intersect” is one of the best. Also, “Many Live, Many Masters” by Dr Brian Weiss is an excellent book to get you started.

Question: How do we know what is true from the past?

Answer: Probably the best way to understand our past lives is through hypnotic regression. This allows us to go into our subconscious where the information is stored.

Question: Why do people act the way they do if they have religious faith?

Answer: Fear. Many people who believe in the exoteric dogma of any religion have done it because they are afraid of death or disease or some other problem. They need to hang onto something so they chose religion. Of course, the more people who believe the dogma, the better it makes them feel so they sometimes take pretty rigid positions.

Question: Is there anything perfect in life?

Answer: No one or no entity is perfect. We do not need to be perfect to continually spiritually evolve. In fact, the spiritual aim of all entities is the perfection of the soul, but no being ever actually obtains it. We never attain perfection even throughout eternity, but by continually striving to improve ourselves, and setting our goals higher we will always be evolving upward.

Question: Do you think we are reincarnated to correct the wrongs we have caused in life?

Answer: Not exactly. We return because we have not learned our lessons, which are required to end this cycle of life and death. That lesson is to live a selfless life, which is very difficult and takes many lives to learn. Karma, which we often mistakenly view as a reward and punishment process, simply keeps track of our misunderstandings. We work off karma by learning truth. These lessons can be difficult and may appear as punishment, but no one is ever punished for what they don’t know.

Question: What about the negative thoughts we put out there? How does that effect other lives?

Answer: Like attracts like so when we put out negative thoughts (which are low vibration energies) we attract negative energy to us, which in turn reduces our vibration. That negative energy certainly hurts the person we are thinking about, but it hurts us far more.

Question: No one seems to care about others. How can we make things better in this life and secure a better afterlife?

Answer: It starts with ourselves. We can only control our own life but we do influence others. If we treat others fairly, and truly try to help others as best we can, then our life will improve as will our spiritual conditions when we die. Understanding truth and how the spiritual realm works, including this life, is a huge help in guiding us in how we should act and think. In reality, most people on this planet do care about others but we are continually bombarded by the negative media so that it just seems like nobody cares. Even in the Middle East where all the news is negative, the overwhelming number of people are good caring people. They just happen to have more than their share of selfish egotists that are getting all the publicity and causing most of the trouble. People are much better than the media portrays them to be.

Question: What is your take on parallel universes?

Answer: Unlikely if you are referring to identical worlds existing where we exist there as well. That said, I think there are many other spiritual realms existing simultaneously with ours and each one has its own purpose and we will experience them all eventually.

Question: Are you saying that what we do today will affect something years from now?

Answer: Yes. Everything we do and every thought we think is a cause of some future event.

Question: How do we connect with this womb to tomb guide?

Answer: I refer to it as our ‘book of life’, which describes what we are supposed to experience during this life?. I believe it is written in both the Akashic Records and in our subconscious. If you are psychic you can probably talk to your spirit guides and they will help you learn what is in it. If you are good at meditating you might be able to read it yourself. Also, hypnotic regression might help you understand the key aspects that are in it. That said, but if you want to know how to handle any given situation, do what you don’t want to do but you know is right.

DREAMS-Diane Brandon-February 19th, 2016

Question: What if our dreams don’t make sense to us, how do we know what they are telling us?

Answer: It takes a bit of interpretation. Look for symbolism and see if something in your dream might relate to something else going on in your life. Think about your life or health or worries and see if they might relate to some aspect of your dream.

Question: How can there be a balance if we don’t know what dreams mean?

Answer: You don’t have to interpret your dreams to live a balanced life. However, understanding your dreams may help you balance your life. You can learn to interpret dreams by working at it and Diane Brandon’s book, along with others, can give you clues which can help. It is a skill which can be improved upon with time and effort.

Question: If we are not spiritual in our awake state, will there be a spiritual nature to our dream state?

Answer: Yes. Everyone is spiritual in nature. We are spiritual beings, so even though your interests and concerns don’t appear to be what you might think is spiritual, everything you think and do is helping you build your spiritual nature. That said, it is probably best to interpret your dreams in the reality you live in.

Question What if we don’t get a restful sleep?

Answer: Generally, if we don’t get a restful sleep it is because we have some issue on our mind. You may need to wait until your emotions calm down and you can get a better sleep to get the answers through dreams. When we do finally get a better nights sleep, we may well get answers to that particular issue.

Question: Where can we find this information?

Answer: Is is in Diane Brandon’s book “Dream Interpretation for Beginners” on Amazon.

Question: This line of study must take years. What would one look into to start this course of study? Is this a college study program?

Answer: Like everything, the more you look into it the better you get at it. Buy Diane’s book and read it. Think about what she is saying and try it. Eventually it will make sense to you. Then read multiple views from other specialists and you will begin to understand it. I don’t think it’s that difficult if you commit to it. You can always have a session with Diane if you feel you need it.

Question: What if relatives visit when they pass, what type of state is that when they come to us in dreams?

Answer: Personal contacts with spiritual beings in dreams is just that. Our mind is a spiritual entity and functions in the spiritual state. Both the dreamer and the deceased relative clearly have a need to communicate if only to ensure the dreamer that they exist and are OK.

Question: How do we open the gateway for those who have passed, to come to us? How do we keep that gateway open so they keep coming back?

Answer: If you concentrate on that person, then that will eventually open your door to them. It is probably not best to continue that practice as they need to move on from their past life. You will see them in due time when you die. Just know they are OK and will be there for you, and probably share another life experience with you at some later date. They never leave us and we never leave them.

Question: There are many ways to interpret dreams. How do we know what meaning to believe?

Answer: Look for a pattern. If a dream continues to recur, then look for other interpretations.

Question: Are you saying we can control our dreams?

Answer: Control is too strong a word. I would say influence. In dreams, our subconscious mind is trying to reconcile our daily actions (exoteric self) with our spiritual essence (esoteric self) which are the higher principles we know are right. If we can learn from these dreams how and where our behavior needs modification, we can grow faster spiritually.

Question: What if you dream in color. What about black and white?

Answer: How one sees the world and the importance is individualistic. The importance of color vs black and white dreams would be different for each person.

ETHICS-Questions-Peter Singer-February 26, 2016

Question-When we want to help someone, do we really want to help or are there other motives?

There certainly can be other motives, but if those motives are not in your conscious mind, then you actually want to help them. As we evolve spiritually, we think more and more about helping our fellow man. It starts by helping our family and friends but evolves into wanting and needing to help strangers as well. We are here to learn that life is not just about accumulating material possessions and fending for ourselves.

Question: When we give to charity does it really help?

In some cases it helps a lot but in some cases it doesn’t, depending on the organization. There are organizations that measure the effectiveness of individual charities (you can find them out online) and it is worthwhile checking them out before donating. If the charity pays their executives excessively, does not show where the money goes in detail, and does not measure their own effectiveness, then I would pick another one. In general, if the charity’s money goes through some foreign government’s hands, it’s effectiveness should be suspect.

Question: What if you don’t really have faith?

Think how you feel about helping others in distress. Not wanting others to feel pain and live in misery comes from within. This feeling alone should help you realize that there is a strong bond between people and even animals that goes beyond our physical form. We are not just lumps of material, we are living things with a spirit that is connected to everything and everyone. Not having faith in religion is fine because most religions stress their exoteric philosophy, which makes little sense to most of us. However, faith in the fact that we are an eternal being having a life experience for some greater purpose is something one can only get over time and with considerable effort. You might want to use the feeling inside you that wants to help others as a foundation on which to slowly build your belief system. It will come in time. No one is ever left behind.

Question: Can we really make a difference?

We certainly can make a difference in people’s lives and humanities condition. Even helping a single person is important because that person is capable of making a difference and in time it snowballs. You don’t need to carry the weight of the world on your shoulder, just help someone when you can. Maybe even more important is to not cause others to have pain and suffering.

Question: Does living morally matter?

Yes, living morally matters. We are on this planet to learn that material possessions are of no real lasting value. Learning how to treat others is the real essence of life. Living a virtuous life is the goal. At mankind kind’s present stage of development, living a completely virtuous life is beyond most of us, but that is ok. Our immediate goal should be to do a little better today than we did yesterday and in time we will achieve our long term goal of selfless service to others.

Question: So does morality boil down to a matter of convenience?

Not really. What we give to others in the way of our time and money needs to fall within our capability. The more we think about others and how we can help them, the more we will find that we can make our sacrifices convenient and fit within our busy daily lives. We don’t have to refocus our entire life on trying to live totally morally. We just need to think a little harder about the consequences of our actions and do a little better each day.

Question: How can anyone really decide what is the best way for others to live?

They cannot and there is no need to decide how others should live. But when we see people living in misery, with nothing to eat and plagued with disease, it is pretty obvious they do not prefer to live that way. Our job is not to judge them or even question why they are in those circumstances. The best we can do is to offer them options and help them change their lives, should they so choose.

Question: What makes society the official ruling of what is right?

If society is defined as any small group of people, then they cannot really be the ultimate judge of right and wrong. Virtue is a very complicated subject because it encompasses all aspects of how we treat each other. Each circumstance is different. As such, it can only be through contemplating and talking through these situations that we can really determine what is the ‘right’ action for us. Some societies, say a terrorist group, clearly are not capable of determining morality for themselves let alone others. In this case, I believe they have a false idea of what God expects of them and so they make poor decisions. It is only through the efforts of a much larger section of mankind that true virtuous actions can be determined. Leaving those decisions to individuals and small isolated groups often does not work well. That said, in the end we each need to choose a moral code for ourselves, as we have free will and are ultimately responsible for our actions. However, choosing our own code, without considering the ideas of others, is risky.

Question: Why should we self serve others?

If everyone treated us like they would have us treat them, then we wouldn’t have to worry about ourselves. Then everyone else would take care of our needs and we would take care of their needs. This is an extremely high standard to live by and mankind is not ready to do that yet. However, thinking only about ourselves is clearly not the right answer either. Who likes to be around people who only talk and think about themselves? If we just try to think of others a little more and our own personal needs a little less, then we will be fine and evolving spiritually upward.

Question: If we always do for others and don’t take care of ourselves, then we end up on the bottom of everything.

Because the people of the world are not specifically looking after your well being at this stage of human development, you do need to take care of yourself and your loved ones as well as strangers. Mankind is still learning how to treat each other and this concept will take time to become universal.

What we find is that when we help others and act altruistically, positive things come back to us in spades. Like attracts like. Negative actions attract bad things and positive actions positive things. That isn’t to say we should do good things just so we can gain from it. It is just how life works. In time, we will learn to do good things for others for its own sake.

THE PHOENIX LIGHTS-Dr. Lynne Kitei-Friday March, 2016

Question: Were their pictures of this and can the public view them?

There are some on Dr. Lynne Kitei’s website. Also go to websites regarding “The Phoenix Lights”. There are many pictures available.

Question: Do you think it was a government plot?

I suspect the coverup and lack of investigation was government driven, but I would doubt the government has this technology. I would speculate that the UFO’s might be using this as a gentle way for them to start making their presence known to mankind on a wider scale. Polls show some 43% of U.S. citizens already believe that UFO’s are aliens civilizations.

Question: How many crafts were there?

The analysis concluded that there were probably ten crafts sighted on March 13, 1997. However, there could have been fewer if they had changed locations and configurations.

Question: Was there an abduction?

No. There was no abduction.

Question: How many people saw all of this?

About 10,000 people reported to have seen this.

Question: Do these things follow you around?

No. They do not follow anyone around.

Question: Are you still seeing these? Are they still with you?

No recent sightings in the Phoenix area of this magnitude.

Question: Do they show up during certain months?

Not really. They have shown up at various times and places not only in America but around the world.

Question: Why wait so long to speak about it?

Actually the event has been publicized since it occurred. “The Phoenix Lights” was first copyright in 2000 and was released in around 2004 when Dr. Kitei made herself known publicly. She continued to work while she was accumulating the information during those 7 years. During that time she began finding many other people and stories and the whole topic exploded for her until she could no longer ignore it. It is not easy giving up a career as a physician that you worked for your whole life to become ridiculed and bad mouthed simply for a cause. It is a major sacrifice.

FINDING LIFE’S PURPOSE-Dr. Ron Alexander-Friday, March 11, 2016

Question: What is the connection between the earth and spirit?

Everything that exists in both the physical and spiritual world is made from energy. The only difference between the two is the vibrational frequency of the energies. The physical world consists of lower frequencies.

Question: Can you practice Buddhism at any time?

Yes. Buddhism has many elements within it and they can be practiced when it is most convenient for you.

Question: How is Buddhism different from other practices?

It depends on which practice you are referring to. For example: Buddhism has many elements within it like mediation, prayer, belief in reincarnation and karma, and many more depending on what type of Buddhism you follow. Mainstream Christianity does not believe in reincarnation or meditation but Hinduism does. Take time to read Buddhism. The basic principles are very straightforward.

Question: Do you have to travel to exotic places to study Buddhist principles?

No. There are many good books and devotees of Buddhism in the US and around the world.

Question: What are the benefits of this line of study?

A better understanding of who you are and your life’s purpose, which can change your whole attitude in life. This could allow you to follow a different path and be much happier and more productive in this life.

Question: Are you saying this practice can help people get off of meds?

Yes, in some cases. Drugs are often taken for things like depression, anxiety, and worry. When you realize that everything that happens to you is in your best interest and will always turn out well then life can be much easier to deal with. We live many lives and souls never die and are always reunited in the spirit world. Our difficult experiences are simply part of our evolution and soon pass. In some cases, the reason for taking drugs can actually go away when people understand their life a little better.

Question: It is not easy to let go. How do you learn this?

It certainly is not easy to let go. We need to get rid of the reason our minds are so focused on negative thoughts. We rue the past (no one is depressed about the future) and we fear the future (no one fears the past). Once we realize that everything which happens to us is simply an experience intended to teach us a lesson, then we begin to focus on the joy of the present. We don’t rue or fear the present, we just deal with it.

Question: Is there really meaning and purpose in life?

Yes, most definitely. The chance of this universe, our galaxy and us being an accident is zero. If an intelligence is capable of making all this, it stands to reason there was a purpose behind it all. The eternal goal of existence is perfection of the soul and we are all working towards that end. The purpose of each life is to make some aspect of ourselves a little better and wiser. EVERTYHING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED HAD A PURPOSE AND ALWAYS WILL.

Question: This is hard to follow. Is it hard to study?

It is hard to follow because it is a short radio show. If you read my book, “The Endless Journey”, that will give you a broad understanding of reality. Then start researching the aspects of it which you find most interesting. None of it is particularly complicated. There is just a lot of different aspects to digest before it starts coming together for you. You can do it if you put your mind to it. Nothing in life comes without effort.

Question: How would one seek out a trainer in this field?

Read some books on the subject so you are familiar with the terminology. Then look on the internet for people near you that profess to specialize in your area of interest. If you cannot find someone close, use the phone or Skype. If you are not sure the person or organization you chose is meeting your needs, then pick someone else. You are in charge of your life and what you learn; and you need to keep it that way.

POWER OF THOUGHTS-Ora Nodrich-March 18, 2016

QUESTION: Was the woman who feared not having a home on a path that would have taken her to homelessness?

Hard to say. If she was focused on it hard enough and let it dominate her life, she could have become homeless. However, if it was not that dominate a thought, then it just might have made her unhappy and anxious.

Question: If we think we are going to lose something, what should we do to change things?

You need to change your thoughts to believing that you will not lose that thing. Continually reiterate a positive message to yourself over and over again, day after day. Turn it into a positive action plan.

Question: How can we change our negative thoughts to positive thoughts and prevent them from recurring in life?

First we need to acknowledge the negative thoughts and take ownership of them. Then we need to realize that we don’t need or want those thoughts. Finally we need to create a new thought that counters it and repeat it every time we have that negative thought. For example, if you think you will fail a test, continually tell yourself you will pass it, and then study hard to pass.

Question: How do we stop thoughts from becoming reality?

We don’t. That is why we need to change our negative thoughts into positive thoughts so our reality will become positive. Our mind is the builder of who we are as it creates our life, which is our reality. That is why it is so important to focus on what you want to happen.

Question: How can we stop reacting to things we think?

By not identifying ourselves with this thought. Recognize the thought for what it is, a negative thought, observe it, and then let it go. Simply don’t do anything about it. It is ok to think “this is not good” or “that was not a nice thing someone did”; but don’t do anything about it. Then try to change it into a positive thought like: ‘that poor person must really be frustrated, maybe I could help them”.

Question: I think negative thoughts at times, but I find myself catching it as negative and stop the thought. Is that being in control of my thoughts?

Yes it is and it is very good. Now practice turning the thought into a positive thought.

Question: What if your emotions are controlling your thoughts?

That is when you train yourself to become an observer rather than a reactor. One step at a time. Some things will bother you more than others so don’t expect every incident to work out the same. Some long standing frustrations will take longer to deal with than others.

Question: How long do you need to think positively to achieve positive results in life?

Not that long. But you truly need to get the negative thoughts out of your mind. The trick is to train yourself to rid yourself of as many negative thoughts as possible. Our subconscious gives us what we ask for. If it thinks we want negative thoughts to happen, that is what it will give us. We get what we ask for so make sure what you ask for is really what you want.

Question: How do you not fear the unknown in certain circumstances?

You need to realize that nothing can hurt you, including death, which it simply returning to our spiritual home. Our spirit guides assure us that there is a safety net that will always keep us from harm. Our experiences are really what we need to evolve, so even our most difficult times are for our own benefit. It might help to think back about all the terrible things you feared in your past, which have all become no issues in your life today. We all need to stop living in the future and enjoy the present.

Question: At what point in our upbringing do we get corrupted?

It comes slowly over time as we try to adjust to the realities of life on this difficult planet. However, even very small children are inadvertently being taught bad habits. This is a difficult world to live in but the advantage is that we learn a great deal and evolve more rapidly than if we were in a less stressful environment.>

Question: How do we undo the teaching that caused us to think negatively so we can get to a better place?

Follow the processes described above and explained in “Who Says”, which will help us change our negative thoughts to positive ones. Just because we were taught bad habits doesn’t mean we need to keep them.

Question: We live in a multi-tasking world. How do we stop the multi-tasking and be in the present?

We can multi-task in the present. It is when we turn to fear and regret that we slip out of the present. Being in the present doesn’t mean we don’t do as many things. It just means we don’t waste time thinking about things we cannot control.

Question: What do you mean, no one fears the past? You can fear the past will come back and you can fear similar things will happen? Please explain what you mean by no one fears the past.

Fearing past problems will recur in the future is simply fearing the future. You don’t fear what happened to you, you are fearing what will happen to you again. That is fearing the future.

Question: How do we build on positive thoughts?

Continually repeating positive thoughts is the best way to do it. Restating negative thoughts in a positive way will reinforce that thought. For example, instead of saying “I am not smart” say “I am smart”.

Question: Could it be that negative thoughts are just looking at the reality of possibilities?

Assessing potential outcomes and planning for the negative results is fine providing that you have a positive plan of action for the negative possibilities. Considering negative outcomes is not only okay, it is prudent. It is when you don’t plan for them but spend time worrying that you are unnecessarily encouraging a negative outcome. If you are not going to plan for possible negative outcomes, then don’t focus on them by worrying. Just deal with it from a positive prospective if the worst outcome actually occurs.

Our Eternal Existence
Table of Contents

Section 1: The Unseen Universe
Chapter 1: Aspects of Metaphysics
Chapter 2: The Structure of the Universe
Chapter 3: Consciousness

Section 2: The Human Condition
Chapter 4: Essence, Soul and Personality
Chapter 5: The Human Psyche
Chapter 6: The ‘Death’ Experience

Section 3: Evolution
Chapter 7: Reincarnation
Chapter 8: Evolution of Consciousness
Chapter 9: Creating a Life

Section 4: The Power Of Thought
Chapter 10: Our Unique Reality
Chapter 11: Dreams
Chapter 12: Expectations