Our Eternal Existence

A Metaphysical Perspective Of Reality

Why read the book?

Learn fascinating Metaphysical Knowledge:

  1. The fundamentals of metaphysics
  2. What death is like
  3. The nature of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)

Will Improve Your Life

  1. You will see yourself in a new light 
  2. Shows how your thoughts can either heal you or make you ill
  3. Helps you make wiser decisions

Understand Your Nature:

  1. Explains: who you are, where you are, and why you are here
  2. Shows how the human psyche works
  3. Describes why otherwise rational people have such different views

Explains How to Control Your Dreams

  1. Explains why dreams are so important
  2. Allows you to use dreams to solve your problems
  3. Helps you interpret your dreams

How this book can help you

Resolves the Most Challenging Problems

The inner self is a huge resource available to us that we do not use wisely.

Makes Life
Run More Smoothly

Aligning our life with our pre-life plan minimizes negative surprises.

Guides Us Towards Fulfilling Our Life’s Purposes

No matter what stage of life we are in, we still have important goals to accomplish.

Understand and Address the Causes of Our Misfortunes

Diseases and mishaps are the result of false beliefs and destructive lifestyles, not fate or bad luck.

Meet the Author


I have a BS in mathematics from St. Lawrence University, a BS in electrical engineering from Penn State University, and a master’s in electrical engineering from Villanova University. I spent seventeen years as a design engineer and technical manager at Boeing, where I was responsible for designing automatic flight control and avionics systems.

After Boeing, I spent nine years in the U.S. Government’s Senior Executive Service (SES) with the US Army directing avionics and command and control R&D. During this period I also co-directed joint Army/NASA laboratories at NASA Langley and NASA Ames and was the US Army’s representative and U.S Government lead on the Avionics Committee for NATO’s Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and Development. I then created and was the CEO of Cobham Defense Electronics Systems (CDES) Corp, a subsidiary of Cobham, plc, for 15 years. When I retired CDES had become the world’s leading military microwave subsystem company. After writing The Endless Journey, I created and was the host of The Common Sense Spirituality Show, which ran live for 2 years on W4CY radio and also had a weekly podcast called Aspects of Spirituality

My Search

Throughout my life I spent my free time in an exhaustive search for the most plausible answers that I could find to the classic questions concerning our existence: Who are we? Is there a God? Why is the cosmos here? How shall we live our life? What is important?

Like most of us, for years I was confused by life’s illusions. But after an exhaustive search through religious texts, ancient Eastern and Western history, science, metaphysics, philosophy and paranormal experiences, I eventually found that truth is available to anyone committed to search for it. When I began to find truth life started to make sense. The answers are right in front of us; but we fail to see them because we are so focused on our materialistic lifestyle. There is a divine plan in which we are an intricate and important part. What I believe to be the answers to life’s most basic questions are detailed in “Our Eternal Existence” and “The Endless Journey”.

David Gaggin


What David has written here is nothing less than an encyclopedia of spirituality. If you are seeking answers for… Who am I? Where am I? Why am I here? You will be rewarded with a codex of spiritual knowledge to answer these questions and this book is like a guidepost with signs pointing in the relevant and researched directions to guide your spiritual path. This is an easy to read, concise, spiritual book that is appropriate for people who are already on a spiritual path as well as those who are just starting out. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it

Miki Jacobs

psychic, medium, spiritual teacher, and author

This extraordinary and engaging work provides an illuminating roadmap for the spiritual aspirant. It answers many questions that ’seekers’ ask and points their thinking process in an extremely helpful direction.

Ron and Mary Hulnick

Founding Faculty and Co-Directors of the University of Santa Monica

An essential and groundbreaking book. MUST READ

G L Davies

author of Harvest: The True Story of Alien abduction

Our Eternal Existence: How Expectations Control Our Lives, by David V. Gaggin is a well written, and researched book which delves deeply into belief versus science. Religion and Science have both become inflexible as followers of each are unbending in their assumption, they are correct. However, as David demonstrates that before arriving at any conclusions, one must examine the whole picture.

As an attorney I have a mind trained in analytical thinking and skepticism. Our Eternal Existence appeals to both of these aspects of my being and that is why I highly recommend and endorse Our Eternal Existence as an authoritative classic in the field of metaphysics.

Mark Anthony

JD Psychic Explorer, author of the bestsellers The Afterlife Frequency, Evidence of Eternity and Never Letting Go

“Gaggin’s scientific background lends itself to “Our Eternal Existence” by revealing complex spiritual secrets that anyone can understand, bridging how science, religion, and philosophical concepts intertwine with metaphysical ideas often dismissed. Gaggin’s “Our Eternal Existence” is a sign of hope that our species is evolving to realize that ‘spirit,’ the human spirit, is to be revered like the mind and body and can positively change our world when they are in union.”

Laura Lee

Host of the Radio Medium Laura Lee Show

“Our Eternal Existence is a remarkable book. David Gaggin has done the research and assembled information from numerous sources and times to present a unified view of the metaphysical and physical universes. This is a book of wisdom and a catalyst for change”

Ken Elliott

author of Manifesting 1, 2, 3

“This is a fascinating book for those with an open mind and interested in tuning into the world of metaphysics. It offers mind-boggling concepts that aren’t taught by religious groups or scientists. It’s for those that are searching for answers and curious about why we are here and what we need to do to progress in life.
It’s not a long book but it takes time to digest the words as there’s a great deal to think about. He explains the mysterious universe in a way that is comprehensible. Readers learn more about the power of thoughts, out of body experiences, dreams and the afterlife. The author shares several inspiring quotes.
For years, I have followed the metaphysical perspectives starting with Lobsang Rampa in the 60’s to Edgar Cayce, Jane Roberts, Delores Cannon, Robert Monroe and so many more. For me, much of the book was a comforting review. However, there was additional material I found to be captivating. This is a book to be read again and again filled with intelligent thoughts.”

Jackie Sunday


“If you’re into stuff like science, religion, and thinking about why we’re here, this book is for you. It tries to answer the big questions like who we are, where we are, and why we’re here. And it’s not just about finding answers – it also talks about how we should live better lives.”

Eric Pearson


“The purpose of this well written and well researched book is 1) to challenge your ideas about the nature of religion. 2) to help people who are struggling with various aspects of their lives; 3) provide a basis for an ethical conduct that is based on the inherent beliefs of self identity; 4) to help people realize all is one. Views the world from a metaphysical viewpoint, as opposed to scientific or religious viewpoint.”

Janet Ilacqua


What our readers have to say

Our Eternal Existence
Table of Contents

Section 1: The Unseen Universe
Chapter 1: Aspects of Metaphysics
Chapter 2: The Structure of the Universe
Chapter 3: Consciousness

Section 2: The Human Condition
Chapter 4: Essence, Soul and Personality
Chapter 5: The Human Psyche
Chapter 6: The ‘Death’ Experience

Section 3: Evolution
Chapter 7: Reincarnation
Chapter 8: Evolution of Consciousness
Chapter 9: Creating a Life

Section 4: The Power Of Thought
Chapter 10: Our Unique Reality
Chapter 11: Dreams
Chapter 12: Expectations