Reincarnation Questions-Mark Anthony-February 12th, 2016

Question: Is there a study of past lives?

Answer: Yes, there are many. Dr. Ian Stevenson’s book “Where Biology and Reincarnation Intersect” is one of the best. Also, “Many Live, Many Masters” by Dr Brian Weiss is an excellent book to get you started.

Question: How do we know what is true from the past?

Answer: Probably the best way to understand our past lives is through hypnotic regression. This allows us to go into our subconscious where the information is stored.

Question: Why do people act the way they do if they have religious faith?

Answer: Fear. Many people who believe in the exoteric dogma of any religion have done it because they are afraid of death or disease or some other problem. They need to hang onto something so they chose religion. Of course, the more people who believe the dogma, the better it makes them feel so they sometimes take pretty rigid positions.

Question: Is there anything perfect in life?

Answer: No one or no entity is perfect. We do not need to be perfect to continually spiritually evolve. In fact, the spiritual aim of all entities is the perfection of the soul, but no being ever actually obtains it. We never attain perfection even throughout eternity, but by continually striving to improve ourselves, and setting our goals higher we will always be evolving upward.

Question: Do you think we are reincarnated to correct the wrongs we have caused in life?

Answer: Not exactly. We return because we have not learned our lessons, which are required to end this cycle of life and death. That lesson is to live a selfless life, which is very difficult and takes many lives to learn. Karma, which we often mistakenly view as a reward and punishment process, simply keeps track of our misunderstandings. We work off karma by learning truth. These lessons can be difficult and may appear as punishment, but no one is ever punished for what they don’t know.

Question: What about the negative thoughts we put out there? How does that effect other lives?

Answer: Like attracts like so when we put out negative thoughts (which are low vibration energies) we attract negative energy to us, which in turn reduces our vibration. That negative energy certainly hurts the person we are thinking about, but it hurts us far more.

Question: No one seems to care about others. How can we make things better in this life and secure a better afterlife?

Answer: It starts with ourselves. We can only control our own life but we do influence others. If we treat others fairly, and truly try to help others as best we can, then our life will improve as will our spiritual conditions when we die. Understanding truth and how the spiritual realm works, including this life, is a huge help in guiding us in how we should act and think. In reality, most people on this planet do care about others but we are continually bombarded by the negative media so that it just seems like nobody cares. Even in the Middle East where all the news is negative, the overwhelming number of people are good caring people. They just happen to have more than their share of selfish egotists that are getting all the publicity and causing most of the trouble. People are much better than the media portrays them to be.

Question: What is your take on parallel universes?

Answer: Unlikely if you are referring to identical worlds existing where we exist there as well. That said, I think there are many other spiritual realms existing simultaneously with ours and each one has its own purpose and we will experience them all eventually.

Question: Are you saying that what we do today will affect something years from now?

Answer: Yes. Everything we do and every thought we think is a cause of some future event.

Question: How do we connect with this womb to tomb guide?

Answer: I refer to it as our ‘book of life’, which describes what we are supposed to experience during this life?. I believe it is written in both the Akashic Records and in our subconscious. If you are psychic you can probably talk to your spirit guides and they will help you learn what is in it. If you are good at meditating you might be able to read it yourself. Also, hypnotic regression might help you understand the key aspects that are in it. That said, but if you want to know how to handle any given situation, do what you don’t want to do but you know is right.

Our Eternal Existence
Table of Contents

Section 1: The Unseen Universe
Chapter 1: Aspects of Metaphysics
Chapter 2: The Structure of the Universe
Chapter 3: Consciousness

Section 2: The Human Condition
Chapter 4: Essence, Soul and Personality
Chapter 5: The Human Psyche
Chapter 6: The ‘Death’ Experience

Section 3: Evolution
Chapter 7: Reincarnation
Chapter 8: Evolution of Consciousness
Chapter 9: Creating a Life

Section 4: The Power Of Thought
Chapter 10: Our Unique Reality
Chapter 11: Dreams
Chapter 12: Expectations