DREAMS-Diane Brandon-February 19th, 2016

Question: What if our dreams don’t make sense to us, how do we know what they are telling us?

Answer: It takes a bit of interpretation. Look for symbolism and see if something in your dream might relate to something else going on in your life. Think about your life or health or worries and see if they might relate to some aspect of your dream.

Question: How can there be a balance if we don’t know what dreams mean?

Answer: You don’t have to interpret your dreams to live a balanced life. However, understanding your dreams may help you balance your life. You can learn to interpret dreams by working at it and Diane Brandon’s book, along with others, can give you clues which can help. It is a skill which can be improved upon with time and effort.

Question: If we are not spiritual in our awake state, will there be a spiritual nature to our dream state?

Answer: Yes. Everyone is spiritual in nature. We are spiritual beings, so even though your interests and concerns don’t appear to be what you might think is spiritual, everything you think and do is helping you build your spiritual nature. That said, it is probably best to interpret your dreams in the reality you live in.

Question What if we don’t get a restful sleep?

Answer: Generally, if we don’t get a restful sleep it is because we have some issue on our mind. You may need to wait until your emotions calm down and you can get a better sleep to get the answers through dreams. When we do finally get a better nights sleep, we may well get answers to that particular issue.

Question: Where can we find this information?

Answer: Is is in Diane Brandon’s book “Dream Interpretation for Beginners” on Amazon.

Question: This line of study must take years. What would one look into to start this course of study? Is this a college study program?

Answer: Like everything, the more you look into it the better you get at it. Buy Diane’s book and read it. Think about what she is saying and try it. Eventually it will make sense to you. Then read multiple views from other specialists and you will begin to understand it. I don’t think it’s that difficult if you commit to it. You can always have a session with Diane if you feel you need it.

Question: What if relatives visit when they pass, what type of state is that when they come to us in dreams?

Answer: Personal contacts with spiritual beings in dreams is just that. Our mind is a spiritual entity and functions in the spiritual state. Both the dreamer and the deceased relative clearly have a need to communicate if only to ensure the dreamer that they exist and are OK.

Question: How do we open the gateway for those who have passed, to come to us? How do we keep that gateway open so they keep coming back?

Answer: If you concentrate on that person, then that will eventually open your door to them. It is probably not best to continue that practice as they need to move on from their past life. You will see them in due time when you die. Just know they are OK and will be there for you, and probably share another life experience with you at some later date. They never leave us and we never leave them.

Question: There are many ways to interpret dreams. How do we know what meaning to believe?

Answer: Look for a pattern. If a dream continues to recur, then look for other interpretations.

Question: Are you saying we can control our dreams?

Answer: Control is too strong a word. I would say influence. In dreams, our subconscious mind is trying to reconcile our daily actions (exoteric self) with our spiritual essence (esoteric self) which are the higher principles we know are right. If we can learn from these dreams how and where our behavior needs modification, we can grow faster spiritually.

Question: What if you dream in color. What about black and white?

Answer: How one sees the world and the importance is individualistic. The importance of color vs black and white dreams would be different for each person.

Our Eternal Existence
Table of Contents

Section 1: The Unseen Universe
Chapter 1: Aspects of Metaphysics
Chapter 2: The Structure of the Universe
Chapter 3: Consciousness

Section 2: The Human Condition
Chapter 4: Essence, Soul and Personality
Chapter 5: The Human Psyche
Chapter 6: The ‘Death’ Experience

Section 3: Evolution
Chapter 7: Reincarnation
Chapter 8: Evolution of Consciousness
Chapter 9: Creating a Life

Section 4: The Power Of Thought
Chapter 10: Our Unique Reality
Chapter 11: Dreams
Chapter 12: Expectations