THE PHOENIX LIGHTS-Dr. Lynne Kitei-Friday March, 2016

Question: Were their pictures of this and can the public view them?

There are some on Dr. Lynne Kitei’s website. Also go to websites regarding “The Phoenix Lights”. There are many pictures available.

Question: Do you think it was a government plot?

I suspect the coverup and lack of investigation was government driven, but I would doubt the government has this technology. I would speculate that the UFO’s might be using this as a gentle way for them to start making their presence known to mankind on a wider scale. Polls show some 43% of U.S. citizens already believe that UFO’s are aliens civilizations.

Question: How many crafts were there?

The analysis concluded that there were probably ten crafts sighted on March 13, 1997. However, there could have been fewer if they had changed locations and configurations.

Question: Was there an abduction?

No. There was no abduction.

Question: How many people saw all of this?

About 10,000 people reported to have seen this.

Question: Do these things follow you around?

No. They do not follow anyone around.

Question: Are you still seeing these? Are they still with you?

No recent sightings in the Phoenix area of this magnitude.

Question: Do they show up during certain months?

Not really. They have shown up at various times and places not only in America but around the world.

Question: Why wait so long to speak about it?

Actually the event has been publicized since it occurred. “The Phoenix Lights” was first copyright in 2000 and was released in around 2004 when Dr. Kitei made herself known publicly. She continued to work while she was accumulating the information during those 7 years. During that time she began finding many other people and stories and the whole topic exploded for her until she could no longer ignore it. It is not easy giving up a career as a physician that you worked for your whole life to become ridiculed and bad mouthed simply for a cause. It is a major sacrifice.

Our Eternal Existence
Table of Contents

Section 1: The Unseen Universe
Chapter 1: Aspects of Metaphysics
Chapter 2: The Structure of the Universe
Chapter 3: Consciousness

Section 2: The Human Condition
Chapter 4: Essence, Soul and Personality
Chapter 5: The Human Psyche
Chapter 6: The ‘Death’ Experience

Section 3: Evolution
Chapter 7: Reincarnation
Chapter 8: Evolution of Consciousness
Chapter 9: Creating a Life

Section 4: The Power Of Thought
Chapter 10: Our Unique Reality
Chapter 11: Dreams
Chapter 12: Expectations