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The answers to life’s greatest questions are hidden from us
but they are not kept from us.
However, only he who seeks shall find.

Why Read “The Endless Journey”

  • Are you having trouble dealing with disease or the death of someone close?
  • Have you ever wondered why you have irrational phobias?
  • Do you feel that life unfairly discriminates against you?
  • Are you often depressed?


  • Are you simply curious about who you are and why you are living this life?

“The Endless Journey” helps answer these and many other common questions. The answers to life’s mysteries and the solution to all our problems are right in front of us; but we don’t see them because we are so focused on the material world. Although the true nature of the cosmos is disguised by the material world, it can be discovered by anyone through effort.

This straight forward non-religious book, which is supported by many medical and scientific studies, offers a very understandable explanation of our world and the spiritual world in which we reside after death. It explains our nature and provides specific guidance on how to make the most of the rest out of our life. This book offers a positive view of mankind’s future and will change all who take it to heart.

The Endless Journey Synopses by Chapter:

Chapter 1: The Universal Consciousness

Chapter 2: Who We Are

Chapter 3: Reincarnation

Chapter 4: Death and Life

Chapter 5: Selfless Service

Chapter 6: Illusions

Chapter 7: Thought

Chapter 8: Spirituality

Chapter 9: Religion

How this Book Can Help You

“The Endless Journey” will give you a new perspective on yourself and let you live a more self-confident life.

  • Knowing your eternal nature will let you stop worrying about death, disease and mishaps; and your life will become less fearful.
  • Knowing the important role others play in your life, including your adversaries, will help you view others much more positively.
  • Knowing that you chose this life, it did not happen by chance, so that you could learn certain important lessons, will allow you to make better decisions.
  • Knowing how to make the right decisions will let you lead a less stressful and more fulfilling life.

“The Endless Journey” will allow you to change the personal circumstances of your life; and it will show you the incredible untapped power that is within you.


“The Endless Journey” has something to offer everyone

The book offers a unique worldview and can be read on multiple levels depending on the reader’s understanding. It is intended to meet the needs of many people whether they are frustrated by their irrational fears or simply seeking answers to universal truths. The scientific skeptic or religious devotee will find new perspectives to consider. The novice seeker will find key concepts that can be used as a spiritual foundation for a rational belief system. The seasoned seekers will find subtleties that will help them tie a consistent set of beliefs together. The highly sophisticated seeker will find pathways that can be followed to unlock even greater truths. No matter what the reader’s spiritual understanding, all seekers of knowledge and wisdom will gain comfort and understanding from “The Endless Journey”.